How do I license assets from envato if I make a video website use only

I run an agency that makes videos, landing pages and website pages for Corporate Clients. How do ensure that I have the right subscription in order not to violate the license conditions when I use my subscription for elements in my production material (it is not resold)?

Check this link, it’s pretty clean what you can do or NOT

@ki-themes appreciate your reponse.
The only thing that makes me doubt how this works is that when you download an asset / element, you assign it to a project, however the project name may have nothing to do with the client name, brand or project and there it is hard to see the corelation between what the license certificate is for (the project) and who holds the license (Licensee). SO how does the Client get a confirmation that he has the rights to use the video produced by me.
And to be clear, this is a question from the my Ckient’s lawyers. So if the lawyers cannot see the path of passing the rights to the end Client… then they assume that i have the rights and not them!

For the items you have used in the ''end-product" you will need to create the license for every asset ( for example, if you use movie templates/images on a video, you need to create both license ) then share it to the client. They have to have the license for the assets. ( except Audio items *Broadcast use is not allowed )

@ki-themes I appreciate your time.

We have some clarification from the lawyers - that i sbased on clause 6 of the licensing terms and conditions, which states that I have to sublicense the rights to the End Client with the limitation that the End Client cannot extract, reproduce or use in any other way expcept for the whole product that I produce for him.

Appreciate your time and effort.