How do I know which FCPX plugins on Videohive compatible with Apple M1 chip?

I want to buy some FCPX plugins on Videohive, but I don’t know which is compatible for Apple M1 chip. Could someone give me some tips?

Many thanks!


@jacky221 Compatibility with the M1 chip isn’t necessarily a concern, but rather what version of FCPX you have installed, and what version a particular FCPX item is compatible with. I’m not sure that the M1 chip itself will factor into the general compatibility of an FCPX item.

Thank you for your reply! My FCPX is 10.5.2. Any advice for this?

Most authors will list the software version requirements in their item descriptions. If you don’t see it listed, and would like to confirm compatibility before purchasing a template, try emailing the author through the email form on their profile page.