How do i know the issues my item is rejected

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How do i know the issues my item is rejected , i have submitted 5.6 items , and they are all rejected.
I have attached video, audio in .zip file, does this lead to the item being rejected.

last item submit

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The typography is not great but the biggest issue is/will continue to be that this category is probably the most over crowded one on the marketplace.

There are so many similar items already for sale, and free ones on line that offer the same or in some cases more features that it will be very hard to get approved esp with anything short of pixel perfect design, execution, and without adding more unique elements.


Thanks you.

  • Open the Catalog tab and go to Items .
  • On the left, channel your things by Issues and afterward Policy Violations.
  • Find a dismissed thing and select View issues.

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Iā€™m not sure about discussed.

Are you talking about Author Settings, or Items of Authors (Go to one items, view content left ā€¦)

This is important to me, thank you so much

I think there is a user experience problem with that menu, when I saw the three dots I thought it was a slider.

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