How do I know if a client is using the wrong license?

Maybe you’ve already discussed about that but…how do I know if my track has been used on a broadcast project but the client has bought the standard license?
Sorry if it’s a stupid question. Thank you for the help!

Unfortunately it’s pretty hard to know. There are services that can monitor broadcast networks for your content, but they’re prohibitively expensive.

You can permanently monitor YouTube videos, or Website your clients after all you know their names from invoices.


where can I find invoices on Aj?


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From your profile page hit the Statements button in the menu. Then you will see all the stuff that PrestoSound showed above.

Thank you a lot!! :slight_smile:

But many times it’s very hard or impossible to find out who bought your item, even using info from invoices. For example there is a lot of J Kim Gang Mong Bang’s from Korea and R. Batman’s from USA etc.

Recently I found by accident that buyer used my music with wrong license. Only because it was broadcasted in my country in every tv station many times and I found it by accident. I wrote to buyer and they bought proper license.

In my opinion there is A LOT of cash that we are losing, because there is no simple tool controlling usage of our music :frowning: And a lot of royalties we are losing also…


It’s one of those things that’s almost impossible to verify. It’s cost-prohibitive to constantly monitor every use of audio. The one recourse for authors would be to submit a DMCA claim if someone was improperly using their work, but that again depends on the author actually finding that someone has used it incorrectly.

i thought the same thing…You can lose a lot of money, a client can buy a standard license, use it for a broadcast, and you will never get informed of that