How do I integrate users & roles in my website?

  1. Users and roles, in which section of MySQL are they activated? Considering that the registration system is created with PHP or in which system is it more advisable?

  2. How can I get the same users and roles to serve from one subdomain in one programming language to another subdomain or domain in another programming language?

For example, that the users registered in the forum are the same clients that register when purchasing my services MyDomain - Registration - and the employees to whom we bring an internal task management system, which can be assigned to clients created as users in

  1. How can I ensure that these registered users I can see as admin all their information in the administration panel through tables?

4.How to integrate the users and roles created outside of wordpress with those of wordpress?

The idea is that everything is integrated and unified in a single system and that different users do not have to register several times in several places.

How can I integrate in the forms of my website created with javascript a field that asks to insert the digital signature in order to ask the user to draw the doodle with the mouse?


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!