How do I install a power point template on my pc?

I don’t understand how I install a power point template on my pc.
I find this:

…But this says that I must find .THMX or the THMX files

… and there are no such files in my downloads. Only pptx. They don’t work as template.

Please help :slight_smile:

Håkon, Norwat

You don’t need to install it as a template to use it

  • save a back up / new versions

  • open whichever you want to work with I.e. ppt or pptx

  • edit that doc to your needs using the slide templates there

  • if you need to edit locked content like logos or layouts the use master view and change them there

Ok, so the templates will not show up in Power point as the ones from Microsoft. They work more like a finished presentation, and then I edit in them?


Have you tried opening the demo doc and then, save as > template

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Thank you!
No, I hadn’t. So easy.

But I still wonder: When I want to make a new slide, (Ctrl+M), and choose preview of different slides, I don’t get a real preview of the slides from the template. So to use the template, I have to open all of the slides in the template, and copy slides and edit from there?

Also, there is no preview of the theme when I choose “new presentation” and look at my own themes. Is there a way to do that?

You are better off asking the author -