How do I import the downloaded Template into AE

Please could someone advise me. I have just bought a template on this site, and I don’t know how to import it into After Effects? The file is zipped and I have extracted all files and folders to a new folder. Now what do I do? Sorry if I sound basic… Helsp would be much appreciated.

Just double click the aep file and it will open the file in after effects

Thank you for your reply. I know I am a beginner at this, but I’m a little confused. When I unzip the folder there are a number of folders:
Help Docs

I Choose ParticlesWord_Project and then have the following Folders and Files

Adobe After Effects Auto-Save
AE Wedding Words
AE Wedding Words Blue
AE Wedding Words Purple
AE Wedding Words Reds
Wedding WordsReport

So th AE files are the AE files that I click on, any one of them and the project opens in After Effects, right?

Somehow when I look at the preview on the website, you will notice that the background is a light sand brown colour and wehn I run it in After Effects, the background is blue, is this correct?

In the item description it’s clearly said that there are 4 versions in the ZIP file. So… according to the names of the project files you’ve provided “AE Wedding Words” should be just like in the preview video. All 3 others (… blue, purple and reds) are optional variations.

Btw, there’s also said that the PDF guide is included. What about it? Did you read one?

Im having trouble get the project loaded Im trying to load all of the necessary files at once however it will only load one at a time and repeat to tell me 6 are missing which I do see in the files given to me how do I get it all in at same time?

What archivator are you use? I advise you to use WinRar. Also try 7zip. The problem with missing files can be connected with type of archivator. Also try too unpack in disc C or some other disc. I mean that the path of unpacked files must be not long. (for Example there can be not long path to your template: C/Unpacked/Ae/Ae template and very long path c/document and settings/users/user1/…Ae template. Also you can contact envato staff.