How do I get the Support I paid extra for?

Just paid extra to get one year of support for the new theme I just bought. Install failed. How do I contact support? Does support exist? Why is it hidden from customers?

Hello Richard,

Did you read documentation from your template? What is your template? You have on template page option to send message and each developer have own system for support.

Why would I need to read template documentation. The zip file won’t install. I’m a WP developer. I’ve purchased many themes from Envato and downloaded the zip file then installed.

How do I contact the support I paid extra for?

The theme I purchased is Flatstone.

Technically support doesn’t cover installation although most authors will help.

Assuming that it was the WP version which you bought then support info is here

Out of interest is the problem the “missing stylesheet” error? Are you sure it’s the right zip you are using?

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I cant believe it . You say that you are WP developer and you don’t need to read documentation. If you don’t need to read documentation why you ask here help? And you have buy lots of templates on envato than you know where to ask support from templates.

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FYI when you buy a theme from Envato you do the following:

  1. Click on download.
  2. Click on installable wordpress file only
  3. In WP go to install new plugin
  4. Browse to the zip file.
  5. Click on install

When I do that I get the message install failed.

There is no style sheet. Zip file is corrupt or lacks all necessary file.

P.S. When you buy a product the seller is obligated to deliver the product.

I’ve purchased 7 other themes from Envato and did not have a problem downloading and installing.

FYI information that you have read documentation from template you will know that templates dont go on plugins that on templates.

My bad. I must have spaced out. I was trying to install Flatstone as a plugin rather than a theme. My apologies and thanks to those who replied.

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