How do I get the "Oil Paint Plugin" file?

I’ve received a complimentary copy of “Popular Oil Painting Action.atn” and attempted to use it with Photoshop CC.

At the start of each attempt, I get the attached error message.

I didn’t retain the creator’s e-address and need to ask if I missed getting that plugin file or if I need to adjust a Photoshop setting so I can get that app to recognize that requisite plugin.

Please advise what I should do next. Thank you.

Is this the file that you got?

If so, you can email them by clicking on their username, then on their profile page you’ll see a section in the right column where you can send them an email.

Thank you very much for guiding my=e on this.

Yes, that’s the file. I’ve now emailed the creator and await his or her e-reply.

I appreciate your assistance with this inquiry.