How do I get put my post titles above my blog posts?

I use The Ramble Theme and right now my featured images appear above my post title. I would rather have the other way round i.e. post title before featured image. Please note that I would appreciate being able to do it without editing codes.

My blog url:

Any ideas? Thanks,

You should ask the author of the theme however you have no buyer badge on this account and will need to be logged in using the purchasing account for verification.

It’s worth mentioning you will struggle to achieve this without editing at least some code.

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How do I get the buyer badge please?

Anyone who buys a file gets the badge.

Anyone who does not have it either is using a copy which they do not have a license for or purchased the file from a different acocunt.

I purchased it myself with my bank card.

I just checked my profile and saw a badge with a Nigerian flag. Is that it?

No a buyer badge looks like a red icon with white text in it (see my profile

If you definitely purchased a file from here using this account then you should be able to:

  • go to (assuming you are logged in)

  • the file should be there

  • click ‘download’ button

  • choose “license certificate and purchase code”

  • in there will be the purchase code you would need to register with the author for support

If you don;t see all this in your acocunt then you definitely have not purchased any files from this acocunt and would need to speak to support.

I see the mistake… I used a different email for the purchase.

The badge is less important.

What you need to register with most authors support forums is the purchase code.

Once signed in with the correct information and account then follow the steps above in your downloads page to find this information.

Once you have that you can register for support from the author (assuming you purchased less than 6 months ago)

Bear in mind what you want to do is customisation so outside the scope of standard support - the author may choose to help or you may need freelance help.

Okay. Many thanks!