How do I get Purchase Code for Slider Revolution?

I purchased Course Builder by ThimPress. It includes Slider Revolution. How do I get Purchase Code for Slider Revolution? What a cluster fu$k! It should not be this difficult! I won’t be purchasing themes with Envato in the future, this is ridiculous.

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You don’t get purchase codes for plugins that are bundled with themes

The plugin will still work as required without needing to register it. The only difference is that you don’t get access to auto updates or certain template files.

Any update will be supplied by the theme author.

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Hi @Brad_dehaven

As the moderator @charlie4282 has pointed out, Slider Revolution is included in the theme but you won’t have and won’t need the purchase code for Slider Revolution. It’s how the license works. You still get access to use the Slider Revolution without any issues. If there is a new update to the Slider, we will update the theme and provide update to it. Also, the purchase code is mostly used for support. If you have any issue with the theme or the slider, just create a support ticket on our VIP support forum for Course Builder so our developers can discuss directly with you and try to help you out.


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