How do I get into my account?

I can’t see a way of getting into my account after I have signed in here. Before you could just click on your name and a list of options came up, like sales, portfolio etc. Where is that now? TIA.

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No links to marketplaces, no links to profile pages, and a forum which is confusing and unintuitive. Unfortunately those are my first impressions.

I really wanted to like the new format but it seems to be an entirely separate entity from the actual marketplaces and there’s no way that casual users (i.e. customers) will be using it, far too complicated.

All things I’m sure Envato will be addressing :relaxed:

probably or it will take us sometime to get used to it

OK I figured it out. It’s a totally ridiculous workaround and I haven’t the time to explain it. Hahaha.