How do I get Envato Market settings to appear?

I have the Envato Market plugin installed and activated under my plugins. But there is no Envato Market menu item under my Dashboard menu. So I can not set up the api to update my themes and plugins. How do I get the Envato Market settings to appear?

in the menu there should appear a menu named ‘Envato Market’. Please double check you have activated the Envato Market plugin. Thanks

The plugin is activated. but there is no menu named Envato Market.

you can try in this way:
Deactivate then delete the plugin then again install may be will work for you.

I have just tried this. And the menu still does not appear.

just I have installed and all is fine from my side. it should definitely work. is your server using any cache then try to clear cache and check. another try upload the plugin files directly your server using ftp.

I have deleted the cache. Then closed browser, opened a new browser window and logged back into site as Admin. Still no menu.
I do not have access to the server nor know how to use ftp.
How do I log this as a support ticket?

Hope you are using latest version wordpress.

Envato Market WordPress Plugin

Requires at least: 5.1 wordpress version

you can request your purchased theme/plugin author to help you. So that you can use envato market plugin for that purchased item maintenance.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


I have version 5.4.1 of WordPress installed

  • You don’t see any alerts/warnings at the top of the dashboard from the plugin, right?
  • Are you using WordPress Multisite?
  • Can you access the Settings > General page with your account?

There are no alerts/warnings on dashboard from plugin
No this is not a WordPress Multisite (although we do have other WordPress sites)
Yes I can access the Settings > general page. It shows language, timezone etc, but nothing about Envato Market. It is showing an orange symbol beside settings with a 1 in it. But I can not see any related message.