How do I get an invoice for my purchased theme ?


I have made a payment for something here a few months ago but I can’t find the invoice for this product.
And I don’t find the downloads corresponding to this purchase.
Can you help me please ?
In attachment, you will find a picture of my bank account with the withdrawal and a picture of my Envato account.

Waiting for your reply,


![Envato market débit|517x83](upload://9Q1mYTs34pHQflsH8H18IicXt6W.JPG market downloads|689x343](/uploads/default/original/3X/4/3/43a61d7ae376ada1aea347ddbc00fae9822b516d.JPG)

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for your reply.
There is nothing in my statements, as you can see in the picture attached.
However, there is still a debit on my bank account. There should be an invoice for that, no ?

Looking forward your reply.


Perhaps you purchased the item using a different account? Are you sure you’re logged into the correct account?

I only have one account… :confused:

That’s quite odd. Have you opened a help ticket with support? They’re the best people to help with account related issues.

You can open a ticket here: Envato Help & Support Center

Indeed, it’s odd !
Thank you for your reply, but your link dos not work. Do you have another way to open a help ticket ?

Thanks !

Try this one:

OK thank you, I will try to get help this way.
Do you know the average time of response with this technique ?



Depends on the volume of tickets, but support always replies as fast as humanly possible. Usually in less than 24 hours, but it can extend up to 7 days. Cheers!