How do I get a refund of the SOLENE theme

The SOLENE theme has been very problematic for me because I cannot find anyone to help me. I’ve tried to go through the instructions I’ve read the instructions however I’m not getting a resolution. How do I request a refund? How do I contact the author? No one understands WPbakery. Everyone understands Elementor.

Get in touch with the author

What I’m realizing is that this community is set up on a lot of assumptions. It is obviously not easy for me to find out how to get in contact with the author . I’m not sure if you consider yourself shrewd for a simple answer, but there was a reason I stated my initial claim. I need assistance and I need clear assistance.

How do I contact the author

I literally sent you a link to author support.

You can also try to write a comment here:

I sense your frustration. Now enter my frustration. Go to the support link that you clicked and you get sent to a PDF that you already downloaded with the purchase of the theme. Please help me.

This point is directly more salient. Thank you and I will do that now.

On your second page that you referred me to I am currently logged in. However, there is no place for me to leave a new comment. What have I missed?

go to very bottom of the comment page you will see the post comments options ( Assuming you are loggedin in envato market ).

Thank you sincerely for the reply. I did find that after I looked again, and the wording is just ambiguous. It doesn’t say that it’s going to be posted here it’s just ambiguous. There’s just a lot of assumptions as far as customer service. Once again thank you for your assistance as well.

you are welcome. hope theme author will reply you as quickly they will come back in the market.

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No need to be sarcastic. If something is not clear or you do not understand something just ask.

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In no place have I been sarcastic. The inherent limitation of writing is you don’t understand the intent. Maybe, there’s an English language barrier I’m not sure. I did ask for help, someone reached out in a meaningful way and I Thanks them appropriately.

Ok. Let’s leave it at the English barrier.

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How do I request a refund?
I have watched the video and my comprehension is perhaps compromised as it consistently alluded to the phone.
Thank you.

I would highly suggest to get in touch with the author first. Maybe he will be able to point you in a right direction on how to start with the theme.

If you are dead set on the refund then follow this:

Very well, thank you

I believe that is my sole complaint is that for a website company that is designed to communicate clearly with their client’s intended audience it is ambiguous . This ambiguity creates an uneasy feeling.