How do I get a Purchase Code for Slider Revolution in Eco Press Theme?


I purchased Ecopress but I’m finding it difficult to activate Slider Revolution but I can’t find the correct Purchase Code. Can someone please help me activate it?

Thank you.

Hey there, and welcome to the community forums. In order to get proper help regarding your issue please get in touch with the developer of EcoPress for an answer and don’t forget to read the documentation. Many answers might be found there. As for the license code for the item you purchased itself this can be located in your Downloads Page by clicking the Download button on the item you wish and selecting “License Certificate”. You’ll locate your item purchase code there. I don’t know if this is the necessary code, that’s why I directed you to the developer and documentation for further clarification on the matter.


For reference if the plugin is bundled with a theme then you don’t get a license/purchase code for the plugin.

You are able to use it as part of the theme which you bought and won’t need to ‘activate’ it for the plugin to work (that’s only for auto updates etc.).

If a new update of the slider is released then the author of the theme which you bought will update the download package

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