How do I get a custom colored underline for headlines and some words ?


Hi guys,
I would greatly appreciate some help with the following. I guess for experts, this wont take long :slight_smile:

I want some words to get a certain styling, when hovering over the word / or an arrow which should be placed next to the paragraph. This should be the general styling for the link indication.
These words appear in numerous places- I hope I can mark these words as a headline and then all these headlines will get the style.
Maybe some of them will be h2 (headlines), and then some random words which I will then mark with h3 or something.

The styling I want: 1. 80% of the word should be highlighted from the right bottom corner –> See link below
2. An arrow next to the sentence/ paragraph should indicate that the word is a link


It kind of reminds me on this styling:

Thank you