How do I find out which tracks were my last sales?

Hello everyone!

I was digging around, but I couldn’t find any option to find out which tracks were the last sales, I had.
This would be an important information for me, because it will guide me to what’s type of music is a present interest at the moment, so I can compose music that’s more adequate to the market.
I know I could just write down the number of sales for each track and compare them everytime I have a sale, but this is quite inconvenient.
Is there any easier way to find the information I need?
Thanks in advance!

If you’re talking about your own sales you can find them here

There’s no way to see the latest sold track from other authors on the marketplace. There is however a thread on the forum where authors post their latest sold track. Your Last Sold Track

I think it’s this you probably want:

It will show the best sellers from tracks uploaded over the past month, but you can change this to be for the last week or last day. You can also narrow the selection to be just one particular genre