How do I file W-8 form for Author from Vietnam?

Today, I’m trying to complete W-8 form, but i don’t have Tax ID Number :blush:
I’m an individual and I’m from Vietnam, how i can find it ?
Anyone, please advice !


Vietnam doesn’t have tax treaty benefits with the USA, there is no need to provide a Tax ID Number, they will still take 30% from your US sales whether you provide a number or not.

Is it good to dont have tax treatry with the us?

The worst thing I guess.

it mean, some author like me can ignore this form ?

No, if you ignore it, they will take 28% of all your sales.
Fill the form normally but for “Tax ID Number” field, choose “I will not or am unable to provide a Tax ID Number”.

Ok, i will, Thanks a lot for your supporting message, you’re the best !

You’re welcome.