How do I file a complaint about a product?

I bought the taqwa template which supports rtl as the author said but unfortunately I found a lot of bugs in it.

Whenever I contact the support team to find a solution, they guide me in new ways without finding a solution to the problem of the template itself.

for example:

1- The template does not respond to changing fonts from the control panel.

The presence of haedar2 defects that does not respond at all to rtl and does not respond to modifications from the control panel set by the author Example: the emergence of the Hijri calendar, changing fonts…

Really there are some other issues the support team didn’t give me a chance to pass it on to them, I got a message today telling me they stopped supporting because I rated the product one star.

They are asking me to change the rating to higher to contact me.

In the attachment is a screenshot of their last correspondence.

I think the best solution is simply contact Envato support.

They can’t blackmail you for a rating if you are still on the the first 6 months.

Just contact envato Envato Market Help and Support

Thank you, this is what happened, now I received a reply to the mail telling me to update my order, how to read this update, (they sent me the order number but I did not know where to enter it)

If you mean to update the item and install the latest version then you just need to download it again to get the latest copy

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This is what I got:

All that says is that a response has been applied to your request - the “update” is the staff reply to your ticket and nothing to do with the item

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Thank you.
Excuse me, how can I see the response?

Should be a link on the email

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This is confusing, I did not receive any link with the message. I just got the ticket number

please help me