How do I explain for a client that he can't use the same License for multiple projects?

I know, it sounds silly but… I want to know exactly what I can say for a client, based in the ThemeForest and CodeCanyon Licenses and Terms, that he can’t use the same License in multiple projects/domains.

'Cause if you think about it there’s nothing that can stop a client of using the same files in future projects without extra Licenses, especially if he decides to hire someone else to do the job… since he’ll have the Theme and/or Plugin files (because he owns his own account).

In my opinion would be better to have a system to manage multiple licenses within my ThemeForest/CodeCanyon account, to link licenses to domains and organize everything… but without it, there’s any more practical approach?

Or it’s’ really just a matter of “ethics” and “not cool!”?

Any advice are welcome! Thanks!

“You can’t use the same license in multiple projects/domains” should do the job!

Not really, especially if the client have his own account with access to downloads and updates.

My problem here is how to say something, what to write down in my site and what exactly to answer if the client says “There’s any ‘legal’ implication? Any way they can find out?” knowing there’s no real way to control it.

With some form of “license management” would be fine, but without it there’s no real big argument. :confused:

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Right, it sounded like you wanted to know what to say to a buyer if they 1) asked whether they could use one license for multiple sites, or 2) you found out they were using one license for multiple sites. In those instances, then answer is to tell them “You can’t use the same license in multiple projects/domains”.

It now sounds like you might be saying how can you educate buyers so they know they can’t use one license for multiple sites so they don;t have to ask you and/or it doesn’t come to you finding out they’re using one license for multiple sites?

The licenses are pretty clear, but there is nothing stopping them I guess. Although every theme I’ve bought, I’ve had to enter my license code during the installation… and I assume I wouldn’t be able to enter it twice, If I was using it multiple times? I’m not sure… I’ve never tried.

Not only educate the client but not lose this same client as well if I say I can’t create a new site for him without a new license. Like I said… he can just move on and hire someone else to do.

Most Themes asks for the License Key, but just for updates and support. So far I just found one or two that really “blocks” basic functinalities without the license activate.

I was considering to buy the licenses with a new account, but it’s hard to organize the keys and link them to specific domains. And if I create a new account for the client we have the problem I’m mentioning here. :confused:

Add another 40-50$ for the service and purchase another copy- it’d be easier, I guess