How do I enhance iMovie features?

I’ve spent several years learning iMovie to make my travel and family movies. But I’m bored with the standard Titles & Transitions. I’ve heard that Final Cut Pro is Apple’s advanced version, but I dread learning another program all over. Are there any enhancements or plugins I can purchase that will work directly with iMovie, so I don’t have to start over? My internet search mentions Wondershare Filmora… Ideas?

Filmora is an alternative to iMovie rather than an extension

There used to be some addons (not certain they exist for the latest version) but iMovie is an entry level tool so what there is tends to be just be basic transitions, filters etc rather than anything radically more advanced or unique

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Thanks for your reply. Opinion on how hard it is to learn Final Cut Pro (from iMovie)?

Initially a little bit of a shock but it’s not too bad (the advanced stuff is a steep learning curve!)

I’d suggest looking at Adobe too and Premier / After Effects