How do I edit text on slider in wordpress using themeforest

I cannot determine where I access the text

Have you tried to check the theme documentation or contact the author for support?

I have not. No documentation was provided with the download and the author
has been unresponsive since day 1. I was hoping there was a page or a
plug-in or a menu that would contain the text.

The item would not be approved without documentation.

In the main/all files download there must be some form of document to support it.

Assuming it s a wordpress theme then there should be a slider settings feature (maybe in the left of the admin?) but it will depend on the slider being used.

Is the author replying to item comments?

I do not understand what you mean by approved as I had to purchase the
product from Envato. I did find the text under “Theme Options” and made the
changes, but I do not know how to publish the changes to update the actual
website. Any help? The author never responded and I hired “Superhero” from
Envato to help, but he wasn’t helpful.

did u buy slider or theme and slider come with it what type of slider ? there are many sliders here.

I bought the theme and the slider came with it…I think it is called theme

ThemeForest is the marketplace where you purchased the item.
Go to link below and post the item names :

ok first tell us what is the name of ur theme ? bcz all themes her they call under-themeforest company

I don’t know about the “superhero” part but the theme would not be sold on themeforest without the appropriate documentation.

As @khalid123456 said if you tell us the name of the theme you bought that will help identify more but if you found the slider text but are not sure about publishing changes then documentation will only do so much.

It is designed to point people in the right direction but there is an assumed level of knowledge in using files bought here.

Do you have the file name?

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I found my receipt for the order, but it did not have any information. I
did find an update notice e-mail and it states as follows: An update to
your purchase of CompanyLaw - Lawyer & Attorney WordPress Theme
by ThinkUpThemes
now available in your downloads. Not sure what it means, but I hope it

Is this what you bought?

I’m not sure what happened, but the website has accepted the changes.
Thanks for the effort and time.

This is the authors support forum younwill need to register and probably need the purchase code from your downloads (assuming that you are signed in).

Looks like they use a custom slider so it’s hard to advise how to manage this without seeing the admin panel or reading the documentation (which will definitely be included in the download).

Your best option is to contact the author using the support link as they are the most experienced with the theme details.