How do I download to my iPad?

Trying to download music to my ipad. I am using ICAB and was told it was the way to download a zip file to my iPad. It starts but doesn’t do anything. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @VintageFrenchie! Let me invite @StudioMonkey over… I think he uses a combination of an unzip tool and Dropbox to download and unzip .zip files on his iPad.

Hey @StudioMonkey! Can you share what iOS apps you use to download .zips containing music files?

Hey, @VintageFrenchie. I’m actually use my iPhone to download, so i don’t know if the same app is available for iPad, but there a bunch if you search in the app store for apps that can unzip. You can download the file first right in safari (“download main files”) and the page will show a zip file has been downloaded. Under that it will say “More…”. Click that and it gives you the option to open the file in an app. The one I’m presently using is called “K-Zip Free.” It then prompts you to extract the file (with some options). That’s it! Hope that helps.


Unzipping files on the iPad is easy, but now you need to download third-party utilities to work with zipped files for iOS: download it from the App Store for iOS. but pay attention to what iPad modes it is compatible with.

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