How Do I Download Envato Audio Jungle Music to iPhone to make an iPhone Video?

I recently purchased royalty free music from Envato/Audio Jungle. I typically just download the music to my computer. However, I have a video project on my iPhone, and I would like to use the Audio Jungle Royalty Free music as background for the video. When attempt to download the music zip file to my iPhone, my options are limited. Utlimately, I would like the music to go onto my iTunes playlist, but that is not offered as an option by my iPhone. The options in which to open the Envato music files are not compatable with the video maker options to select the music. The video maker sends me to “my music” and the Envato files are not down-loadable to “my music.” Only to other default programs. How do I download Envato/Audio Jungle music to my iPhone so I can easily access it and it will be functional?