How do I download a music mass licence

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Today I registered and downloaded a track and the site didn’t give me an option to select a mass music licence when I downloaded an audio track. Someone here kindly told me I’d need a mass music reproduction licence for Insight Timer but nowhere did anything pop up allowing me to do that, it just said ‘add to projects’ and then told me I have a YouTube licence.

Does this mean I’m also covered to use the track as backing on Insight Timer to a meditation?

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You can select the license here;

Thanks so much for replying Manriquedelara - I’m in the UK and didn’t get this option and have never seen that screen. I just signed up and it let me download it and told me I had a youtube licence. Can anyone help if I’m in the UK? Thanks!

This is all it shows :frowning:

This is from Elements, a suscription platform.

If you just want this track, here is the link.

Thank you! I thought it was strange to have to sign up to elements to get it - thanks so much for your help - I’ve now paid for something I don’t need haha, oh well - now I know! Thanks again.


Hey Natalie! This kind of misunderstandings happen quite oftenly so, if you consider you don’t need or want to be subscribed to Elements, you can ask for a refund here explaining which was your particular situation. I’m sure they’ll help you out.

Just make sure you don’t download anything else from Elements in the meantime.

Glad you sorted it out! Have a great day!

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