How do I create my Wordpress site from a template?

Hi everyone,

I’ve purchased a Wordpress theme, I have a wordpress account, I have a domain name (through but I have no idea of how to actually create my site. I have downloaded Wordpress desktop and it says I need to install Jetpack but the only way to install it is to enter my domain name so it can connect my site but I don’t currently have a site so it’s giving me an error message. I’ve been going round and round in circles for days, I know it’s probably simple but I have no idea! Any help would be appreciated.


If the WordPress account is from then this will no work with Themeforest items.

  • you need to have your own hosting and domain

  • download WordPress from OR depending on your hosting provider you may be able to install it directly from the admin

  • once WordPress is installed on your domain/hosting then you can upload the theme

There’s no need for JetPack and bear in mind that the theme may not include the images and will not look like the demo until you have imported dummy content/created content and configured he site setup e.g. applied navigation, front page, etc.

If none of this makes any sense then you may find i easier to get a freelancer to help from

@emcoles following on from what @charlie4282 said, you may find our free beginner’s course on using WordPress useful. Good luck!