How do I create different editable sections on my theme without custom fields?


I am developing a theme and I would like to know how people develop content into different sections on the index page or other pages without using “advanced custom fields” plugin so, it can be uploaded to the WordPress Directory or Themeforest without using this plugins.

I see this happening in other themes on WordPress Directory and Themeforest like the one bellow and I do not understand how this can be achieve without advanced custom fields plugin? is this done by widget? by the customizer? or how?

Example of one theme doing this:

Is there a tutorial or video tutorial someone can recommend me?



Anyone please?

hey @codeman1234 I’m going to move this post to the tips section, where it will likely get a better audience. Courses & tutorials is mostly for Tuts+ stuff (though check out for Wordpress tutorials!).

In the theme from the example the sections are powered by widgets.

On themes from Themeforest sections like that are generally powered by a page builder plugin, on the older themes it’s widgets.

Hello WPCanyon,

Thanks for the reply, so this content on this sections they come from widgets? I just checked and the only custom widgets areas this theme got is 3 on footer, 2 for sidebar and 1 for 404 page but none of them appear on index page that is why I don’t understand how this sections of content build.

Can you please elaborate a bit more because, I really don’t see it right now.

Thanks again!

Hello jacksoncouse,

Thanks for the thought but, is not a matter of courses or tutorials, I just want to figure out how this content section works, nothing more.


Yep! That’s why I moved it over here. :slight_smile:

Ah ok, my bad! Thanks!

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Basically just put widgets to “Front Page Sidebar” and it will show as content on front page. See this from their instructions

I would also be interested to know how themes in WordPress directory handle page building functionality, can’t be that they all use widgets like this theme?
And also if there are any authors that sell same theme on WordPress and here on ThemeForest, it doesn’t seem like this kind of theme would go very far here on ThemeForest, or am I wrong about this?

Hey Thelgor,

Awesome info man, you seem to be right information is shown on widgets but. it seem a bit too complicate to do for the normal user also, one more question how is this content stored when theme files are uploaded to or themeforest? since widget does not show any default values to be used as demo content.

Is there any course on tutplus to do this type of widgets?

Thanks again!

Also one last question, how can you achieve to give different templates designs like themes Avada or Betheme or etc do?

This templates come from widget too or this are different template pages and how does user set this up?


Actually, we do have a course on WordPress custom content types, by the brilliant @rachelmccollin:

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