How Do I Create A Revolution Slider Download Button

Outcome: I am trying to create a button on the revolution slider which will allow the visitor to download an image as a file (Its a voucher for a free dance class).

  1. I can add a text link on the rev slider which downloads an image (Download Voucher
  2. But when I add a button, I can only create a link to another page and Im not able to download the image.

You can see on the slider on the page I have a button and a link.


Hi @philhunter2018,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. I’ve checked your slider on your homepage and it’s working as intended. Clicking on the “Download Voucher” button, downloads the image. If it’s not working on your end, you can open a support ticket here or contact us via our contact form here themepunch's profile on CodeCanyon and we’ll investigate this further.