how do i contact the maker of an asset if the asset does not work?

an asset I downloaded doesn’t work (Photoshop action), it’s not working because photoshop changed some action descriptions and the action stops every time it tries to “select” a layer ("select is now called “select layer”) how do I tell this to the creator of the action so they can fix this?

You can go to item comments or Author profile page and contact him

i cant find a comments section and wen i go to the authors page i cant find any contact information or link

can you please post the link here ?

witch are the first things i downloaded using my subscription and none of them work, i am really disappointed with this subscription…

I think that Elements Subscription doesn’t include Customer Support for the items ,
However , These are the links of owners of items :

Pencil Sketch & Pen Sketch Author :

HT QR Code Author :

You can find Contact form in each profile page.