How Do I Contact EnvatoElements Support??

I downloaded a WP Plugin “ShareBang” via Envato Elements and I’m getting a “you didnt purchase this item” (see screenshot). Who should I contact? Is it so hard to have a support ticket system or email? I am paying for the product…

Elements downloads do not come with support or updates so does not have purchase codes.

The plugin will still work as intended. The purchase code is only required for premium features like auto updates etc, which are not included with elements downloaded.

As per your screenshot you don’t need to activate the plugin to use it.

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Premium features didnt work, which included all the functionality of the app outside 3 sharing options. So basically I bought Envato Elements to find the same plugins for free on WordPress itself?

as @charlie4282 mentioned you don’t need to activate the plugin license (product license) to use it. as elements don’t provide any license code to register product license you just ignore the product license request and it should work fine for you.

If the item doesn’t work without product license activation, please contact Elements support team here - Elements Support.


Will do thanks