How do I contact Envato Elements customer support?

I was going to buy some tracks and a link popped up for a subscription. It said unlimited downloads so it seemed worth it and I signed up.

It turned out that was for Envato Elements which was different to Envato Market (a distinction I didn’t realise and isn’t obvious to someone just browsing the site). So I wasted money on a subscription which is no good for me. I want a refund as this feels like an example of ‘dark patterns’, things designed in a misleading way. In fact, I’m sure there’s lots of others making the same mistake because when I unsubscribed one of the reasons you could pick was, “I thought I was buying a subscription to Envato Market”.

Anyway, I want to complain and try and get a refund but there’s no contact details anywhere. Can anyone help?


Here is Envato elements help center


Thank you for replying but there’s no way to contact customer support there!
It’s not blog posts I need but customer support.

click request a refund


You can open Elements Support ticket. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.