How do i check if people are clicking on affiliate ad that I put on my site?

I used one of the ads from Impact for Themeforest,etc and put it on my site. How do I check if people are clicking on it? Thanks! Still trying to figure out this whole impact thing.

If that’s your only Envato ad, you can log into, click on Reports at the top of the screen, then choose Performance by Campaign. You should see Envato Market as one of the brands listed. Click on it to view clicks, actions, earnings etc.

If you’re using multiple ads I’m not entirely sure how to tell via Impact. There’s probably a way to see individual link clicks/traffic that I missed. But at least with the Reports you’ll get an overall idea of the traffic you’re sending.

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Thank you. I checked today - Performance by Ad and here is a screenshot. Can you explain to me what the online tracking link is that is getting all the clicks? Thanks!