How do I change the Landing Page background color in Sanabel theme?

Does anyone know how I can change my white background color to black on the landing page of my Sanabel theme?

Thanks very much!


I strongly recommend you to contact the author for an advice/info, but firstly please consult the documentation of the theme you got in the downloaded package. I’m sure you can find the necessary info there.

Have an wonderful day!


I did check the documentation first. I couldn’t find the answer there.

So I then contacted the author with that question. I haven’t heard back from him.

So I then came to this forum, and the only response I have received is from you telling me to try the first two things that didn’t work, and to have a wonderful day.

Nice job, moderator.

Keep in mind that these days many authors celebrate Easter Days :slight_smile: so maybe there will be delays on support requests.