How do I add videos to WooCommerce product images?

Hi all,

I just wondered if anybody might know how I can place mockup videos from Placeit within the product images for a T-shirt on my Woocommerce site? I am building the site at the minute but can’t seem to find out how to do this - do I need a plugin and if so, which might be a recommended one to use?

Many thanks!



Hi Tom! I’m not familiar with WooCommerce, but the video mockups from Placeit are exported in a standard MP4 format.

From a quick web search, it looks like video previews would require a plugin, but there are a lot of plugins available to do this. Most will give the option of either embedding a video that’s hosted elsewhere (YouTube, Vimeo etc) or uploading the video directly to your site’s media gallery.

I’ll move this topic across into the Web Design/Development area, in the hopes of getting it seen by more WooCommerce users.