How do I add additional icon(s) set to Game-Map Generator?

Hello: I have purchased icon sets for use with Game-Map Generator. But, I am unable to use them with it. I do not know how to install {ADD} them to the included one with the software. No I do not want to keep clicking on select folder to choose where the new ones are. Because for each time I want to use one; I have to click again to choose folder. PAIN!! I tried setting them to 70 x 70 pixels as the original ones included are that size. Then place them into the img / thumbnails directory. BAD move that was. Photo Shop then upon loading read to the effect it wasn’t registered. WHAT! I uninstalled photo shop. reinstalled photo shop. Added the plugin game-map generator. tried just [1] icon from set. WORKED. tried a second. YUP FAILED! Unable to find author NO links no help nothing. SAD. SUX.

send me what you have, describe me what you want to do and I will try to help. ;]