How do creators make money, from downloads or licensing?

Lets say I use same item in two different projects. Am I supposed to license it for each individual project, even if I have active subscription? Who checks those? How important is it? It doesn’t seem super official. What if somebody actually checks it, can’t I just license it afterwards to make it seem “official”, since I have active subscription and avoid any potential repercussions?

Main question: I licensed item once when I downloaded it. I start another project and license it again, but don’t download the item again, since I already have it on my computer. Does author get revenue from that 1 download only, even though I used their item in 2 different projects? Or is it calculated based on how many times the item was licensed by a single downloader?


Authors are paid based on the number of licenses you provision regardless of whether they are downloaded. It’s completely fine to download an item only the first time you use it, and to simply add further licenses later.

You’re correct that nobody is going around and policing license usage. It’s sort of an honor system. You should take special care to provision licenses for each project to keep them within the usage terms and to ensure authors are compensated fairly for their work. It only takes a couple seconds to do after all. :smile:

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