How did you spend this summer?

Greetings everyone!!! :)))
Summer is over. Let’s remember how we spent it.
On what we spent warm days and hot nights of the past season. How was it?
I do not know how it will sound …
This summer one good firm is make an ax for me. Actually they make only a wooden handle.
I found a excellent blade of 1954th USSR ages years in perfect condition. This is a real forged steel U8. It even has a Brinell sample.
Yes!!! Almost half of this summer I cut down trees. And it was amazing.
Winter is very soon. Only a couple hours ago i drive at my home after another felling.
Im so tired. It was very tuff pear tree.

And Another one

Share your fun with me.


I remember only this


and then this kind of view


so let’s be honest, If I had axe on my vacation we probably wouldn’t write today :slight_smile:

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Тор сын Одина , земная версия =)

I spent the whole time with my wife. :wink:

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Hhhhah thats funny. Lot of alcohol can damage your health)))

Congrats alfa hero))))))))

,Спасибо стараюсь))) Сегодня опять рубал.

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I was with my future wife twice in short vacancy on the sea, beach, sunny… Cool days.


I was focus to our work and have a short travel with my team, also preapre for the wedding in next week :slight_smile:


Yes.Thats cool. Really.))) The sea is the only place where i can swim. In simple water i just drown…I think im too heavy.)))))

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Wow thats nice))
I look everyone going to weddings here)))
I plan to traveling in this year too. But im not shure i can do that alone.
Little child take very much spacetime. And i cant do anything with that.