How could it be possible to test live the Envato "PIN" theme ?


I would like to know if it be possible to test live the Envato “PIN” theme ?

Thanks for your feedback,

Hi @potoman, are you talking about this theme?

If so, the live preview is here. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hello Scottwills,

Yes I am.

I have already tested this preview.

In fact, in addition, I would like to login to a test “live” website" to go further in my tests, specially regarding the admin part and the user (back end, front end management).

I would like to migrate from my current theme to a new one such as “PIN” but I need to be sure about the standard possibilities of the theme.


The only way this will be possible is to contact the author, ask the necessary questions and see if they have/are willing to set up a demo installation but be aware this is not a compulsory option.

Hello charlie4282,

Thanks for your reply.

I looked for any contact information on the theme page but I haven’t found any so far.