How come this Author is allowed on Envato?

I was looking at the reviews of an HTML template and buyers were saying “awful template” “horrible code quality” “inline code everywhere” “looks like it was auto-generated from a WP theme”.

I checked other items from the same Author, and same comments on all his products, as you can see here, here, here etc.

After looking at it myself, it is 100% obvious that their templates are auto-generated from a WordPress website using a tool that just download the code source with all the assets. Inline scripts everywhere, “wp-xxxx” classes, elementor elements, absolutely ugly code, console errors, some fonts not properly loaded etc.

In some of their templates, some assets have kept the name of the original theme it was stolen from, sometimes they even point to the original hosting.

And after some investigation, I found out that it was stolen from… an actual ThemeForest theme! Then I looked further, and it is the case for many of their products.

For example this item is auto-generated from this one, this one is auto-generated from this one

Sometimes it is auto-generated from one of the demos of a Multipurpose theme, for example this template is generated from the “Barber Shop” version of this item

Sometimes it is also auto-generated from themes outside of ThemeForest. And it’s like that for their entire portfolio.

And they are doing that for almost 10 years, became an Elite author and some of their products have been approved recently.

I mean, how this could be allowed? They don’t even bother to change the images, the text, not even the product details: same thumbnail, same icon, same template name!! They just auto-generate it with a website copier tool and literally upload it as in LOL

Beside this, how can such templates can even pass the Envato quality review? I mean even a junior developer with 1 day of experience could figure out that this is absolutely horrible code by looking at it for 5 seconds.

Without spending time reviewing code quality etc. just to clarify the similarities with WP themes/content/images - these are intended to be alternative versions of the same item and are not ‘stolen’.

The author would not be able to submit HMTL versions of WP themes without consent of the original WP author but there’s nothing stopping them doing this once an agreement is reached.

The quality of the code etc. is a separate issue and (again without investigating it) if there is clearly issues then it can be reported to envato.

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How sure are you about this? If the review team spends as much time checking consents as they do checking the quality of the code (no time at all), I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a breach there. @ThemeGoods and @GoodLayers are amazing Power Elite Authors offering very high quality themes and support, far from the garbage proposed by this author. I really doubt they’d let their products be used in this way, but maybe they can confirm what’s happening here

Typically authors have to provide ticket IDs offering consent but that may not always be the case.

I am certain that authors as established as them would take action if their items were being uploaded without permission.

Again I haven’t looked at the code in detail but at a glance, the number of stylesheets etc. does look like some form of conversion tool.

I have checked the codes, it’s ripped from WordPress directly but the question is, the template shouldn’t be approved. You should contact Envato support and request investigation. They will probably disable the items.

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