How come envato get abused by sale reversals ?

Hi folks

I dont know if its argued before or not but i just wanted to hear about a problem.

Some people buying my new items, they download it and then somehow they get refunded by sale reversal. After one or two days those items appears in warez sites and i get noticed by an email from our “mysterious friend” who says hey your item is there tomorrow password blablabla anyway. This incident happened to some friends too.

I really understand the communist philosophy behind this action but i m just asking to you mister Robin Hood, why the hell you chasing for your (not your anymore its mine) sucking 10 dollars back ? I mean what makes you think that we are rich and capitalist people and we rule the world with our fat belly and big roasted chicken leg in our hand ?

I m also wondering what envato thinks about it and will there be a solution for this situation ?

Best regards.
Capitalist victim Mustafa.

They already lock down accounts with reversals to prevent users downloading updated files etc again.

Beyond this there is not much which they can do as the disputes will be with payment providers not envato directly.

Preventing “again” doesnt works and it is too late obviously.

Unfortunately they won’t be able to stop someone contacting their payment provider and challenging the payment. That’s completely beyond their control.

So what would you suggest as a solution?

Is there another marketplace like this which works in such a way this is not possible? I’m certain envato would want to know if there was something that can be done.

if i would know it i wouldnt open this topic at first place. i simply asking for any solutions you simply saying there is no solution and this black hole will grow we cant stop it no man can stop it there is nothing to do envato cant handle it we ll burn everything ll burn universe ll collapse. No need to be that pessimist.

If there was a solution it would exist already, how do you think copies of Windows and every other software get released for free? Someone buys it, downloads it and then uploads it to another server for free. Unless you lock the source code with a license key there is nothing you can do but anyone worth their salt will find the license key code and remove it as soon as they buy it.

As for reversals, you can get a refund on any purchase from your cardholder or payment processor (paypal etc) by just saying the card / account was broken into, you didn’t authorise the payment. Envato can’t do anything about this, it goes way beyond their systems, some buyers go straight to Envato for a refund which envato can refuse but they can still go to their card company and get the refund.

Nothing can be done about, at least 50% of authors have complained about this and been told the same, worry about things that can be controlled and not things that can’t :slight_smile:

I think copies of Windows and every other software get released free after people purchase and share it if you dont know. And also i do think you cant get your money back from Microsoft that easy. Buy, download, refund, share in minutes. That shouldnt be this easy. There is a solution but it seems nobody knows it.

That flag was closest thing to solve the problem so far. Really, i mean it. At least you did something. Thats the spirit i want to see. Thanks.

That’s what he just said!

As for it being harder getting your money back from Microsoft, maybe if we were on about refunds, yes… but these are sales reversals. It’s not you getting your money back, it’s Visa or Mastercard or PayPal getting your money back on your behalf. In that respect, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Microsoft, Envato, Amazon or iTunes. The money us taken automatically, the company in question doesn’t have the option to decline or accept the reversal.

Nice observation ! Congratulations.