how can we make our template better

Good afternoon!
The second time we are trying to send for approval the template, but he did not go through a moderation
Please indicate our specific mistakes.

I will give you just one feedback (I am not saying this is the only reason for your rejection):
Try to be little bit more creative with your content copy. Using the same “Lorem Ipsum” almost everywhere feels incredibly lazy. If you want to sell your design (even to reviews), you should present it in the best way possible.


Hello how are you doing!

Sorry but this project lacks everything, it will not be approved, you need to work harder.

There is no solution to this project because there is no clear idea of what you want to do or what you want to project for the client.

The design terms in TF. They are the highest, so you have to learn a lot.

My recommendation is that you learn everything you can from the market and in a prudent time you can approve your projects.

Keep working for good results

Best regards