how can we contact or complain?

Billion dollars of sales or company…millions of customers, but I could not find the Contact Us link on this website. Surprised.

I have been here for nine years and one author is acting really rouge selling outdated, not working products (they can investigate as seen), and deleting my comment if I say so.

I wasted lots of time trying to make it work but could not.

I opened a ticket and sent dozens of screenshots; they just reiterated that their documentation is okay, referring to 3 years 3-year-old video for youtube.

Now I want to complain, but I could not find the link or way. Really surprising.

The help centre was just info info, no links…I do not want to just contact author and waste more time now. I am not unhappy with the cost of the script but the amount I had wasted to make it work and the attitude of the author.

anyways? do i send an email somewhere? Where is the link on the site? I don’t think it is something to be hidden…

Note: I request you not to delete this post, as I am sure the author will try to do so. As a customer, I do have the right to voice my comments and share experiences. If anyone independent or envato can prove that three year old facebook api youtube video as documentation is all up to date or nothing has changed, then we can think but don’t think it is the case. Please do not delete this. It is something to be proved for customers not suppressed or argued.

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Hi nepfrank,

Please open a Support Ticket via Envato Help and Support. They will be happy to help. Thanks!

Make sure the item is updated and compatible with the latest technology ( e.g WordPress latest version ) before purchase as well as check the comments and reviews. That would save time.

If it’s from Elements, don’t expect too much for the “coding/design” section, make purchases on ThemeForest/CodeCanyon

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Problem is not only system is outdated. But whatever I type now, the marketing of that author is reporting it because they don’t want others to know about it and envato is just agreeing with them and deleting my comments. I have screenshot of each comment deleted. People will be surprised to know what is being deleted. What an irony.
I field a complaint but it has been 3 days and there is no replies and my comments are just being deleted. 0 customers rights and respect.

What were your comments? Do you mind to share it here?

Whatever i say it is being deleted and they know there is flaw in system or envato will also maybe want to hide it…so reporting all
see this for example

One of the real comments which was reported, others were even moderate than this…

Try contacting Envato support.

:smile: I have opened a ticket.
I am asking what is wrong with my comment or why it is deleted or which clause it has violated? and do not i have some rights as customer to express my dissatisfaction as product has not worked, They are ignoring it and repeating comment is not technical support (in around 12 comments that were deleted. in none of them I have asked for technical support, basically informed documentation is outdated.), so the author does not want others to see it because he wants to keep selling that product and envato is just helping them as author is reporting whatever i write now.
Envato is saying i may lose ability to comment if i continue expressing my dissatisfaction. I am really surprised.

The terms establish that Envato has a right to delete any content for any reason. And even if they didn’t have that specific clause, they are a private business and still have that right.

You can leave a review, which is the only intended place for that kind of feedback.

No, I’m the one who said that. I also said I don’t work for Envato in the same thread. It’s a reasonable assumption – seeing as Envato is deleting your comments, they clearly don’t approve of them.

As a forum moderator (volunteer, by the way), if I deleted someone’s post and they continued to post it again, then I would eventually mute them. It just makes sense. That’s why I warned you that they may take that action as well, if you don’t chill out.

This does not belong in the comment section. It belongs in an Envato Support Ticket so that a reviewer can check into it.

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Really thanks for trying to help. I appreciate that. I now feel really silly still pursuing it but the I am really frustrated at the attitude of the author and envato allowing it.

By the I am confused with the badges. Are you officially from envato or represent them? Just trying to know so that I have better understanding whom i am corresponding to.

Envato has a right to delete any content for any reason. And even if they didn’t have that specific clause, they are a private business and still have that right.

Really? I am aware that envato operates based on australian laws. Or does it even sound ethical that without any reasons any comment can be deleted?

Yes I have left the review now. Hope it won’t be deleted. Anyways I lost my money as system is outdated and so will many people who will buy it. I have been asking envato to review it and prove it is actually working with 3 years old documentation for facebook api. Nothing.

Regarding documentation thing, that one is just an example. I commented that I am unable to open a new ticket (as there is no link to open new ticket in ticket section, screenshot above), even that one is deleted. What is wrong in that? also what is wrong in saying documentation looks outdated in comment. Why it should be hidden or reported? They can just say or show how it is not outdated (for all the customer or potential buyers), Why it should be hidden?
Irony is if I had asked it before purchase question (like, how is your documentation not outdated with 3 years old video as documentation, it would be still allowed).
This is video i am taking about just for reference:
(I am not naming anyone). Do you see any similarity with current facebook? Even in youtube comment, people are saying it is not working.

I have seen strict forums or rules, but I don’t understand this.

Not trying to argue but trying to put my thought. For me system does not work and is outdated unless they update their documentation and I can prove it. Most probably will ask for the refund and just ignore the things.

No, I’m not officially from Envato, and nothing I say is official. I’m a long-time buyer and author here, so I’m quite familiar with both sides and the marketplace as a whole, but I’m nothing more than that.

This conversation here is likely a waste of your time, I would much rather you continue to go through Envato Support who are the only ones with any capacity to assist. Yes, they may take a while to reply to you, and the process of a reviewer checking the item’s functionality may take even longer.

If you’re not able to get an item working, the way it’s supposed to work is that you reach out to the author privately through their support system or email, and seek assistance in setting it up. Then, they can update their documentation to reflect any new findings after the fact.

It sounds like this process completely broke down in your situation. Since the situation has gotten rather heated, only Envato Support can help, advise, or mediate from here.

To be honest with you, I was able to follow along with the video. Yes, the design for the developer website is quite different, but all the same options, buttons, and fields are still there, at least in the parts I could follow without purchasing the item myself.

If the item isn’t working for you, it’s not necessarily because of changes on the Facebook side or because the item is outdated. It’s very possible (and quite common) that there’s simply a technical issue which needs to be investigated by the author.

My item has been up for sale for 7 years with 4x more sales than the one you bought, and still to this day, we frequently encounter new, random technical issues due to the endless variety of server configurations. PHP is simply too dynamic for code to work perfectly on the first try with every server.

From an author’s point of view, if there was customer who insisted the item was broken or outdated, but the author knew for a fact that it wasn’t because it works for hundreds of other users, then I could see the situation ending up like this unfortunately.

I’m not saying you’re wrong here. I just try to stay in the middle and imagine both sides of the story. This whole situation seems like a misunderstanding in some form to me, perhaps by both sides.

Anyways, stick to your Envato Support ticket, and be prepared to exercise some patience with them. They are ultimately the only ones who can help. There are some staff on these forums, but they aren’t really in a department suitable to help you, the support team needs to handle this one.

To be honest with you, I was able to follow along with the video. Yes, the design for the developer website is quite different, but all the same options, buttons, and fields are still there, at least in the parts I could follow without purchasing the item myself.

If the item isn’t working for you, it’s not necessarily because of changes on the Facebook side or because the item is outdated. It’s very possible (and quite common) that there’s simply a technical issue which needs to be investigated by the author.

To keep it short:
Yes now i can understand that you that you are commenting as a author perspective (no right or wrong but that is how we logic). I have been using facebook api from many years but several apps, but saying it is just minor changes or just change in design will be understatement and not understanding the link.
First thing I have google now to check where is the link that video is talking about and predict most probably that is nearest one (as a customer why do i have to do it?) and second thing, if you see other comments and comment in youtube, most of latest user are having problem at particular point. The fetch pages does not fetch the actual page (when you just see video, you will just feel that it will come but in reality it just shows blank screen 500 error), why? because facebook has changed the api and most probably the way the code is trying to access it is outdated or deprecated thus giving error. So, whose responsibility is it to test it? If you understand how facebook updates its api or way things are done I think you will easily understand what I mean.
Also, people buy scripts for lots of reasons and give up 50$ thing if it does not work. There are few comments in there which says it is not working. So, just total sale number does not mean it is working totally fine. I didn’t say it was never working. I am saying it is outdated.

Also, do you think i just came to comment and start asking for support. I did open a ticket and support was horrible and they just kept on asking me problem and insisting whatever is there is there…and good…nothing to be done…my ticket got closed…they even asked me to test things which are not in documentation (why it is not in documentation at first place).
So, I understand that how author feels but I cannot say same thing about all author and even for free product some level of support or ethics is expected…
and there are minimum rules for every business I guess and does not work like if i like it i can do whatever i want.
So, seller should value customers voice or concern as well. Because sellers are there because of buyers or customers i guess.
Thanks. Just a thought.

Facebook uses a strategy for their APIs known as version pinning, which is meant to prevent the kinds of issues you’re talking about. In short, if you look at the URL for their APIs, you will see that the paths are prefixed with a version number, for example:

Even if they roll out new changes to their API, the item is all but guaranteed to continue working thanks to version pinning, at least until that particular version is phased out. For this reason, I’m skeptical that this is the issue here, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

If you’re seeing a 500 error after clicking the “fetch pages” button then this is indicative of a PHP error. You should at least enable display_errors or check the error logs on your server to find the underlying error message before making any assumptions about it.

Feel free to check into it and post the error message here. Maybe I can point you in the right direction from it. I do see someone in the comments with a similar situation to you, but you’re making assumptions from it. For all we know, their server could have been missing the curl extension.

Yes. Thank you for trying to help. Really appreciated.

But this is something the author should have done once customers (it is not only me, go to its comment section there are others as well saying same thing), then it is author who should investigate it considering his script is dependent on third party (facebook) and if due to change his script has become outdated, it will be useless and he would be selling useless thing rather than bullying customer and just reporting and deleting whatever customer says.

I am a developer, first thing it exactly is not 500 error and does not generate any logs. I have checked. I googled a lot. Infact I found that it is made in codeignitor and end page itself has some error coming out of deprecated code in the module which i forwarded to them. But they don’t care.
As a customer when you buy a product, it should not be customer duty go research and investigate for anyone’s outdated code.

I am fed up with this and wasted too much time for this $60 thing so giving up. I was just unhappy with bullying done by author, their attitude and how envato handled the case almost endorsing them deleting whatever they report.
See this example from another script, one of the best selling authors (I use it and love it). See how professional the author is (did he bully customer: no, did he report customer: no). You will find comments like this all across envato but how is it wrong when i write it. Believe me and see above my comments are not even this strong:

The complaint with the envato is responded maybe twice in week (3-4 days) and response is like don’t write like those or you will lose commenting power. When I ask which policy am I violating? have not clearly heard anything…Now we know why some authors are having erratically. I am not saying all authors are like that. Now whatever I post/comment, author reports it, envato deletes it. See the comment above. It has been deleted now.

An uncaught Exception was encountered

Type: GuzzleHttp\Exception\InvalidArgumentException
Message: json_decode error: Syntax error

This is error thrown if I try to access the api endpoint directly (just for the test)… I assume this api tries to use get method not post but in either case, shows that code is deprecated. Based on my research it is linked to old api…

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That’s a good start.

The Facebook Graph API implements REST, and even if you call a version that has been removed, an endpoint that is deprecated, or send a request with the wrong method, it will still return valid JSON and should not cause the error you’re seeing. I’m doubtful that this error is related to Facebook.

Since you’re a developer, perhaps you can do some digging to see exactly what request URL is triggering that Guzzle error? Maybe you can even print out the response body to see what’s going on.

I do agree that you shouldn’t need to do this kind of debugging as a buyer. However, we seem to be past that point now.

I obviously don’t know what went down between the author and you. These kinds of situations require close cooperation from both sides and one cannot immediately assume that the script is broken. Guzzle is an HTTP client, so the error may very well be external or the result of a configuration issue.

Thanks for trying to help.

Yes, the bottom line is it script now is not working due to some api changes in facebook and throwing error. Now it should have been author duty to check it rather than bullying customer and hide things from potential customer.
If the author had done same thing as you are doing this problem would have been solved long ago.
I was not happy way the author bullied and deleted all my comments and how envato endorsed it. They are saying my comments were deleted because I asked for support in the comment which is not true.
My 10-12 comments were deleted some of which were like how to open a ticket and most were deleted because author does not want other to see that script is not working and documentation is outdated.
Envato does not seem to mind as well. They should have investigate the script rather they just deleted whatever I wrote and don’t feel that have logs of my deleted comments to prove I was asking for support (which i was not doing in all those comments).
Moreover I can show million of comments here in platform, where customer has written documentation outdated, script is not working, or even posting code etc in comments. Now, If I start randomly reporting them, will envato delete it?

Anyways, not to waste more time, I have filled a refund form (first in 9 years), but IRONICALLY it has gone to author, lets see what he does.

I am not asking it to be perfect but at least when you sell something it should be working. If you have bought a product at walmart and it does not do what it is suppose to do, you may go back and ask for refund even for $20 thing. If walmart says “go away” will you just waste the things?
Anyways thanks for all the comments.
I am not happy the way it is handled but may have to stop it not to waste time once refund is processed, hopefully.

Understood the frustration. We are all here as volunteers and Envato support is the one who’s going to investigate the situation but good luck.


We wouldn’t step in, as every question of yours is already finding its answers through policy of the marketplace, but you provided a few links that publicly expose our username, so here we go.

We strongly suggest that you reconsider your claimings - we do receive tickets from many purchasers every single day and our support system has no issue at all - here’s the proof: Screenshot by Lightshot

Regarding the technical issue you are facing with our item, we strongly suggest that you work things with the support. I took a look at your ticket and you are being asked specific things - while returning back generic answers and this is not the way to go.

When it comes to troubleshooting, you ignored sharing all needed details:
and you also didnt follow the configuration steps: Screenshot by Lightshot

My last two cents is that we never delete tickets - all of your ticket history can be found under your account and your tickets are closed, due to inactivity by YOUR side: Screenshot by Lightshot

Please dont try to discriminate things and attempt to use evidence they way they work for you.

I hope that this doesnt sound bad, but… havent you thought about the possibility that something is going wrong at another side, except seller’s one?

You have raised tons of abusive comments that stayed for moderation. You have raised refund request that got declined as they are against the refund policy. You have also raised a couple unfair ratings that also got deleted, since you abused the ratings area policy. At the same time, this item has thousands of happy purchasers.

Im not going to make this long, neither follow up this thread: we encourage you to work things with our support team. If you are not having enough technical skills to perform operations asked, even by following the videocasted step-by-step guide, we strongly sugges that you hire a technical assistant.

Thank you for the understanding.

People know it. Envato has endorsed deleted all the comments and even reviews and many posts in here in forum. No offensive. They want to hide everything. They have unlisted even my forum post here. I can understand why they are doing it. But personally, it is against freedom of speech and customer’s right. It will be whimsical go to legal things for this 49$ thing. And if i write more here it, I know it will be unlisted and deleted as well. Trying to hide everything. Even the reviews are moderated because it was not positive or how they like it to be.
Anyways, will try to share my experience as customers in some other platforms. Lets see if I post same thing or my review and experience other platforms deletes it. I am not commenting here anymore (for future reference, it is not deleted or unlisted). I still feel as a customer I have right share my experience and how i feel without being bullied or suppressed (not just agreeing)Thank you.