Hi to support team,

My customer bought the licence for this theme : PenNews - Multi-Purpose AMP WordPress Theme
Item (

I have to implement their website.

Please can you tell me if, with that licence, I can :

  • FIRST : develop in local (on my own computer) the website with activate the licence
  • SECOND : put this local development on a pre-production address like (always with the same licence)
  • THIRD and finally, when all it’s ok, put this on production at (always with the same licence)

I thank you for your answer and I appreciate your support.

Have a nice day

See you,


answer of your FIRST, SECOND and THIRD yes but if you receive any issues for theme license registration for the THIRD then your cleint (original theme purchaser) have to contact theme author.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


Ok thanks a lot. So I can start to implement website in local with the key. Good news.

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