How can this happen? The updated version was rejected.

We have a product for sale. Horse Race Game Cryptocurrency by CryptoGamePlace | CodeCanyon The review team wrote the following message:

This item has a nice concept, but this isn't the kind of submission we're currently looking for. The functionality provided here isn't really what we think is in demand. I don't think this item has sales potential or will really click with the user base.

This product received 10 comments and 2 sales in a short time. Is there something the review team missed? We sent the product again for review. What will happen now?

Tell them ( add a note ) that is an update for the item. I think, they missed the point.

Thanks for your reply. I added the note. It is now in the review queue again.

Important note you have to edit the item and submit the updated version (in the review queue it will show as submit update for queue). You are not permitted to upload the item as a new upload.

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i filled the form after clicked edit button in the portfolio page. I didn’t post it as a new upload. I added the screenshot. It says “update” in parentheses. Thanks.
2023-03-25 133012

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The review team was very upset today, perhaps very upset that he had waited too long at a grocery store counter, perhaps angry with a friend. Here I am going to reject this item and feel very good now.

Please also review the other topic related to this item How can this happen? The updated version was rejected.

Just create a ticket and request some more information.

We have created a ticket but no response yet. Today, our other project was also hard rejected. Please review from here

We thought we would create diversity by deciding to sell rare web 3.0 projects on this platform, but our projects are being rejected arbitrarily and for no reason. Even more interestingly, an important update we made is being rejected. may be intentional because no reason.

Just wait for the ticket. I’m pretty sure it’d take 3-5 days first to get the email as " I’m forwarding the ticket to the team" then it would take another couple of days to get a proper answer but you should get one.

PS: If you’re uploading the project as the same name, APP.ZIP, there has been always an issue with Envato server that the new update doesn’t go through. You should always add the version such as APP1.2v.ZIP

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