How can my productions sounds less "numeric" and warmer ?

Hello, as you can hear on my portfolio, i find that my items sounds to much cold and numeric.

I use Logic Audio without mixing console but i have an UAD harware preamp. Do you think it would be better with a mixing console or a hadrware sommation ? Do you use this kind of things for your works ? Do you have advices to improve my sound please ?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi, I can only answer briefly: a hardware mixer can change your sound, software gives you absolutely perfect quality. Hardware manufacturers just really want to exist. Good luck.

Just get yourself a saturator/console emulation. Cheaper and easier to use.

Hi there,

Your stuff sounds great! But if you want to warm it up, you might consider giving it some more space/breathing room. A lot of the instruments are very up close to the listener, so maybe you could put a good reverb on an effects bus and send some of the parts into the background a bit and bump up the wet mix to provide the space.


  • Nathan