How can my logo be approved?

Hello guys,

I have submitted this logo but it has been hard rejected after 6 submitting times.
I’m trying to found the way to fix it but I don’t know what to do that.
Please help me to get the answer, many thanks guys!

In general, it looks good. But I don’t like slim lines. This is unacceptable for such a logo. Try to make it more laconic. Without lines. Only planes. And it looks bad on the white background. If you place it on white background, it will be better if you make it more darknes (for some contrast between logo and BG)
And «Shark B» font… It is very poor font. This font looks to bad, to old, to poor… etc.
Wish you improve your logo and got aproved after 7th submitting time :^)

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its good but in my opinion try to minimize the size of the shark picture :slight_smile: good luck :slight_smile: dont give up !

Thanks for your advice. I have fixed it just like what you said but it has still been rejected. I wonder if there is still something to work on or not. So could you give me some advice again?
Here is my fixed logo.

Thanks man, i have just improved it with your advice but it has been hard rejected. I don’t know what I should do to aprove, it’s so hard.

hi @thieugja , i think the shark is too big,anyway keep going good luck ! :slight_smile:

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Looks better! Honestly I don’t know why it was rejected again…

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I think this may be approved with a few simple changes. Make sure the kerning on text is perfect. Plus I would add some colors and do something a bit more with the preview maybe. Not 100% sure about the banded gradient background. For balance the shark fins probably need to be the same size, or at least closer to.

The 2 sharks version doesn’t work so well, maybe no need for that. I don’t think you need the slim outlines on the shark - just keep it simple, nice colors and presentation. Finally I think the logo line could be better than “Shark B” - it’s important to portray some kind of usage for the logo. So for example “Shark Studio” or something.

Just look at some approved logos for inspiration. I hope you get it approved. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. I will follow your advice and try it on the next resubmission. I wish you big sales for the week.

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As your last suggestion, I have resubmitted my logo 2 times, but it was still rejected without any reason. Especially, they said that my first re-upload is same with the last rejected version. I was very suprised and tried to design my logo again but I still got hard rejection mail.
Please help me to approve it, thank you so much.
Here are my logos re-upload: