how can my clients use my videos

A big reason I swapped over to this website vs epidemic sound was because I can use this stuff wherever I wanted for One project. Or at least that is how it was explained.


I make ‘RE Project A’ with an audio music track from this website.

I upload ‘RE Project A’ to my Youtube channel, IG feed and my FB page

My client now wants ‘RE Project A’ on their YT, FB and IG.

how do I make this happen?

Directions were very unclear in the email with support so I need someone to clarify.

I will be doing lots of projects where my clients will have to upload to their own social medias as well so I need to find out if this is possible and how I can do this. Otherwise I will not be able to use this site and all the awesome stuff it seems to offer

It’d be good to know what support told you, but from my understanding, each customer would need their own license purchased. So if you have a project that’s specifically paired with a song from AudioJungle, and you want to sell that project to different customers while still using the same song, you or the customer will have to buy a new license to use that song every time.

I’m not “selling” anything to anybody. I am simply making a video and need to use it on two different pages.
I need to know how it is done.
I was told to purchase and extra license and that is perfectly fine if I need to but I just spent $140 on a sub to this for a year and I need to have my questions answered asap so I know if I need to cancel it or not haha

“If the client is then simply sharing the video you posted on their FB this is fine, but if they want to upload it on their own you would need to register it again for them which you can using the Add a License feature on My Downloads page.”

I did this and named it the same thing but how do they know what YT page and stuff is associated with it?

Not to mention, its the same exact video lol

I’m just confused

I feel like they just try to hard behind the technical lawyer talk of it all and let us hopefully figure it out