How can I use my refunded amount showing in my "statements" tab to make another purchase?

I was refunded and now I want to use my refunded amount to make a different purchase. At the checkout page, it doesn’t show me the option to use my refunded amount to pay for what i’m trying to buy…

if it’s not possible, how can I transfer the refunded amount back to my card?

Hi @ecocartuser2,

If the refunded amount exist as your Envato credit then at checkout page you should have option to use Envato credit. If the amount sent to your used payment method then you should receive there within few business days.


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You can contact Envato support and ask credit instead if they haven’t started the process.

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I found refund on my payment method, no wonder I have no credit available,
Thanks for the information!


How long did it take you to receive a refund? I’m trying to get a refund for a theme that doesn’t seem to be working

Depending on the author if they accept the refund request ( faster )
If not, may take a while…