How can I use a 3D model to my physical toy products for sale?

Hi, to anyone who has the certain correct answer:

We design a physical toy product which will produced lots copies and to be sold in toy stores, supermarket, etc.

Currently the top of our toy is a panda shape which is designed by us, the main functions of this toy are music and lighting.

We saw a 3D model (a tiger), we like it and want to purchase this 3D model and apply it to our toy, so we will have a panda head toy and a tiger head toy which could play music and light in the dark, then, same copies of these toy will be sold in stores.

My question: How can I use this 3D tiger on this physical toy product?

Thank you!

Check if the item has “Extended license” option that you’d definitely need one before using the item but in addition to that but I suggest to contact Envato support as you may need an approval/special permission from the item author to prevent some legal issues later as the item rights may be available for only virtual usage.

Thanks a lot!

This 3D model has Extended License.

I tried a few times, but still can’t find Envato support for a chat, or send msg or an email.

In this way, do I have to go to item author to get a certain answer?